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DP as the official Nuxified rescue distro

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Joined: 2006-05-04

Taco suggested DON'T PANIC (er.. excuse, it's not shouting it's an acronym), to be the endorsed as the official rescue disk of which we would recommend every time someone needs a rescue disk to solve a certain issue.

So expanding on that here is what I propose, with approval of a_thing as the creator of this distro of course. We could have a subdomain for DP on which would link to a site with news about the distro. I can do the whole design for it with a_thing's instructions if needed. Smiling (I like doing designs).

By giving it greater exposure we also encourage the community to help more with the distro, from testing it to bug reports and such which should help improve DP even further.

This isn't necessarily the full livecd distro reptiler proposed which still may or may not be created (we'll see yet). This would just be an endorsement of an existing one done by our community member and moderator, a_thing.

Feel free to post your thoughts on this idea here.