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EasyLFS release

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tbuitenh wrote:

By the way, I suggest moving the grub and lilo related posts to a new thread.

Good idea. Libervisco could you be so kind and split these post as something like "EasyLFS Bootloader" or something like that.

tbuitenh wrote:

Yes, installing grub later would work, as long as lilo is installed to the partition rather than the disk MBR.

Well, it's installed to the MBR since that's the way I always used it. Also this comes in handy with the new features regarding booting from LVM/RAID/encrypted partitions.

tbuitenh wrote:

Lilo consists of only a few files so even removing it should be no problem if I should want to do so.

And even if you don't remove it it shouldn't really hurt since all these files don't have really much weight.

tbuitenh wrote:

Converting linux device names to grub device names is not too difficult, the scheme below should work but please check with someone who has a sd rather than a hd:

/dev/AdB -- (XdY)
/dev/AdBC -- (XdY,Z)


if A == f:
X = f
Y = B
Z = undefined

else if A in {h, s}:
X = h
Y = B - a (a -- 0, b -- 1, c -- 2 etc)
Z = C - 1 (1 -- 0, 2 -- 1, 3 -- 2 etc)

I have no clue what happens when one has both a hda and a sda.

I'll have to have a look into this.
I think the HD on my notebook is sda, and since Fedora uses Grub I'll check what it's called in the config.

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It installs LiLo to the

It installs LiLo to the MBR, so to for example /dev/hda rather than /dev/hda1 ? For a pathological multibooter like me, that's bad. Please at least include an option not to install LiLo, I could boot EasyLFS by adding it to the grub menu of one of the other Linuxes and give it it's own grub after that.

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I'm not sure if you

I'm not sure if you received my PM, but feel free to send me the link to the latest beta of EasyLFS because I can download and test it. Smiling


Re: EasyLFS release

Having it this way has a nice side-effect, I can build the system for the LiveCD without PAM, which enables me to keep having no root-password on the LiveCD. With PAM I'd either have to set a password (which I wouldn't want) or enable null-passwords in the PAM-config (what I also don't want because PAM is supposed to increase security).

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