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EU to fund report of FOSS

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Open Source gets EU backing and a report

"Switching to open source software works and can save your business money.

That conclusion came this week, not from the technology community but from bureaucrats in Brussels. The European Commission has funded a report investigating the economic impact of open source in the business community in Europe.

The report found that in "almost all" cases long-term costs could be reduced by switching from proprietary software produced by firms such as Microsoft.

Digital Planet spoke to the report's author Rishab Aiyer Ghosh from United Nations University, Maastricht. "

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Awesome news! Thanks. EU is

Awesome news! Thanks.

EU is apparently so much ahead of US in regard to promoting FOSS. Let's just hope that it results in practical adoptions in all segments, from government to educational institutions to businesses and of course, homes. Smiling

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So I believe, France have already made the switch, and well, we are European! Time to do the same I think! :-)

In a computer mag' today, it says that 98 UK MP's didn't reply to emails about the problems or future of recycling? I could be some time before we catch up with our counter-parts. As usual. Sad