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Evolution and Exchange

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Joined: 2006-02-17

At my office, after waiting nearly a century, they finally updated our backend mail server connection from an older Exchange Server to at least Exchange Server 2000. Now the Outlook Web Interface works much better and is the proper version such that my Evolution program in Linux can connect to it just fine.

Of course, I was excited at the prospect of being able to leave behind my Windows workstation and Outlook and purely be on Ubuntu Linux at the office. I found that my Evolution can send and receive email, as well as integrate with the calendar, with that Exchange Server. Of course, one has to scratch their head and wonder why companies don't just use Thunderbird mail clients and an ordinary POP3/SMTP + Squirrel Mail solution, but oh well. I guess companies think they are smarter than ISPs. Note well that we have more unexpected outages and slowness with our Exchange backend than one has with their home email.

So, anyway, the point of all this was that I need some help with the Evolution interface. I want to:

* Download all my messages of the Exchange Server and not keep them up there. How do I do that? The help in Evolution is weak and doesn't explain that one.

* I see that Evolution has created a "This Computer" inbox and then another inbox geared for my mail server connection. What if I want to have a rule that moves this mail from my server inbox to "This Computer"? I tried implementing a rule to match all email and send to one particular inbox, but that didn't seem to "take". (Note also for you code hackers out there -- I found that my ~/.evolution folder has files inside that I might be able to write a script for so that I could migrate my mail from one folder to another when a mail rule won't work. I'll have to test.)

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Joined: 2006-02-17
Both problems are

Both problems are resolved.

First, you have to rightclick the folders "Personal Folders" and "Inbox" and choose Properties and "Copy folder content locally for offline operation".

Second, you have to choose Edit, Preferences, Mail Accounts, click on your server mail, Edit, Receiving Options, and check off "Automatically check new mail", then "Automatically synchronize account locally", then "Apply filters to new messages in inbox on this server". They all must be checked to on position, not off.

Third, go to Edit, Message Filters, and choose "Incoming", click Add, type "Move Mail", Set it so that "Match All", "If any criteria are met", and "move to folder" are chosen and choose the local folder (not the server folder) on your computer. (Mine says "On This Computer", Inbox.)

When you do all this, your mail will automatically download and get forwarded properly to the local offline inbox. As well, your mail will be deleted properly from the mail server.

At that point, you can add your own rules on the local inbox so that you can do all kinds of necessary things.

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Glad you got it. I read

Glad you got it. I read your question but since I didn't know an answer myself didn't reply.

Thanks for sharing the solution. Smiling

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Joined: 2006-02-17
Yeah, but Tasks is broke in

Yeah, but Tasks is broke in Evolution 2.6.1. Don't use it. It will hang and you'll lose any tasks you enter. Better to use a launcher on gnome-panel to todo.txt! Smiling

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