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EyeOS, a web OS

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I just read an intriguing review of EyeOS which is a web based operating system which is Free Software under the GPL. They also offer it for download so you can install it on your own server.

I've always been a bit skeptical about moving much of our computing to the web. There is a sense of safety to having your programs running and storing data on your own computer rather than on some third party server. So the whole idea of thin client computing was most attractive to me only in a sense of having a central server in house and other computers as "thin clients" accessing to it. So even if you are traveling if your fat client at home is online all the time you have access to your home database of whatever you want to have, including certain applications.

So in a sense you are your own web service.

Well, that's mostly where I think EyeOS might be interesting, from my point of view. You can install that on your central home server and run it from wherever you can get internet access, anywhere in the world, as long as your house has electricity and that computer is online. Smiling

But I think this is really a new potentially exciting and wild area... it seems that things are really moving closer towards what *might* be a "paradigm shift" of sorts from offline computing to all sorts of online computing where the line between offline and online is actually non-existant. I said "wild" because thinking about this sort of world really feels like entering into a whole new domain from which a lot of interesting things could emerge.. making it possibly an exciting thing to discuss.. which is why I am opening this thread. Smiling

So.. what is your take on web operating systems? How would you imagine using them? What do you think about EyeOS specifically and are you using something similar in a real practical way already?

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I just had a look into the

I just had a look into the online-demo and it's an interesting concept, although I wouldn't call this OS. It's a nice website that resembles a modern OS's GUI, but it's not something you could use with a thin-client, because it can't boot up your box.
But for accessing all your files from wherever you are this might be something.
I'll download it and have a look at it.

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