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Featured on diggnation

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Looks like a blog post I wrote for Nuxified, where I say "Nvidia says no to free drivers, I say no to Nvidia" was reviewed by Kevin Rose (founder of and Alex Albrecht on the Diggnation show. You can get it here:

I suppose this is since they were reviewing the biggest stories of the last few weeks or so and this post had 2228 diggs and 438 digg comments so far. I guess I really stroke a nerve, to some positively and some negatively.

I just thought it's a cool thing to mention, since Diggnation show, as I've been told, is downloaded around 200 000 times a week and they mentioned this story and even shown a screenshot of the post (with logo above) so it's nice exposure for this site. Smiling

That said, their comment on what I was writing was mostly negative. Kevin says we don't own Nvidia and if we don't like it we should just buy AMD instead of whining about it, basically. And unfortunately that just puts him among those who apparently have trouble understanding basic free market dynamics, not to mention are reading in the post what isn't there.

Noone said we own Nvidia and the whole point of the post was that, yes, I'm gonna be buying ATI next time. Now, about the "whining" part, what he calls whining I call using my freedom of speech to influence market dynamics.. influence other people in hopes that they too choose to buy AMD instead of Nvidia and therefore put some pressure on Nvidia to reconsider their position. This is a perfectly natural free market phenomenon and this is in fact how free market largely works. Sure we can just shut up and vote with our wallet, but I have a head to think with and mouth to speak with and why shouldn't I express my opinion publicly if I find that to be in my interest?

It's also interesting how they say Linux community are some hard core types who all like to code so need source code.. Haha.. I'm not even a programmer, but rather an "end user". They're severely missing the point. As a non-programmer I still care about this issue because with source code available out there those who ARE programmers are likely to improve the driver and perhaps even more importantly, can freely bundle it with distributions so that my card works out of the box.

Maybe I should just email them about it and then they might take an alternative look at the situation and comment on it again in the next show. Eye


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good luck

The attitude described is exactly why I left Digg long ago. It was good in the beginning when it was small, but it got flooded with close-minded people like this that do not even consider what they are criticizing has to say. Further, people decide whether to vote a comment up or down by how well it rationalizes their view, not based on the intelligence of the post.

libervisco wrote:

Maybe I should just email them about it and then they might take an alternative look at the situation and comment on it again in the next show. Eye

I doubt they would respond. Why would a news broadcast go back to last week's news unless there was a tremendous backlash to what they said (as in, most Digg users called them out on it)?

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