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Feisty is out

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Just a few minutes ago there was an official word (from whom exactly I'm not sure) that feisty is out. Slashdot already already had a story. changed homepage to download mirrors.

You should've seen the #ubuntu channel after the release, it was frenetic. There are more than 1500 people in there right now. They had to divert all the unreadably fast scrolling talk to #ubuntu-release-party. Laughing out loud

So it looks like an Ubuntu feisty release may be made more of a spectacle than Debian 4... not that I'm surprised..

Anyone gonna give it a try? I probably will, despite some objections. I think that it is still *less* laden with proprietary software than some other distros, and has certain features which at least make confrontations with proprietary software potentially educative. I'll put feisty on my sisters' computer, stipping it from proprietary parts beforehand, which I don't think they need anyway. In fact, they'll get this computer I am using now, which doesn't have hardware needing proprietary stuff. Smiling

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Yours is the first comment

Yours is the first comment I've noticed on several forums. Maybe everybody is busy downloading.

But where is Xubuntu? The Xubuntu site doesn't mention the new release and the mirrors have Kubuntu and Edubuntu, but not Xubuntu.


Even as I was typing this, I finally found this page that has the Xubuntu isos and torrents!

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libervisco wrote: So it
libervisco wrote:

So it looks like an Ubuntu feisty release may be made more of a spectacle than Debian