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Freedomware conquers the mobile world!

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Joined: 2006-05-04

Nokia bought Symbian, which has a big majority market share among smartphones (65%), and releasing it as freedomware under the Symbian Foundation.

This prompted me to first blog about it on, but then I remembered that it could be a good opportunity to give our sister site,, a little boost, so I posted a short story: Freedomware conquers the mobile world (you can digg it too).

I think this is truly big news. We've for quite a while now been focused on Freedomware in general in this little community, and not just a particular operating system, so even though Symbian is not GNU/Linux, the fact that it is becoming freedomware and therefore making sure that majority of the new phones will run software for which source code can be retrieved, which can be customized and shared at will, where users can own not just the phone, but the software that makes it run.

Awesome, isn't it? Smiling

This particular forum is actually made for anyone who might want to discuss whatever they wish to do to an operating system and softwar running on your mobile phones, smartphones and other embedded devices, which are free software. Looks like we might have a promising future ahead of it. Eye