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Freedomware experts, make money

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I just stumbled on this while I was searching for something (I might ask in a separate topic). Looks like there are plenty of jobs available for people with the know-how of GNU/Linux and some are paying for stuff even a non-programmer (like me) could do. Smiling Check it out:

So if there's any programmer or just a pretty advanced GNU/Linux user in need of some cash, you might find that useful. Smiling

This also can serve as a good reference when trying to make a point that one *can* make money as a Freedomware programmer. Your source code is out there as your resume and your skills may be needed. Lots of money is in custom coding and special one-time service gigs like above.


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I actually happen to have

I actually happen to have an account there and already did two PHP-related jobs and one about a Linux-server.
It's quite a good service I think, but there's a lot of competition, and many people look for clones of certain popular websites, or even of GAF itself...

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Oh yeah, cold fusion! I can do that! xD

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