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freedomware program for mixing/DJing?

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does one exist?

help is appreciated. Smiling (PS... still using Windows.)

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There is MIXXX which is

There is MIXXX which is available for Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac. There is also TerminatorX, only for Linux.

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Well, there is a difference

Well, there is a difference between mixing and DJing. As well as, the different kinds of DJing.

Are you looking to do more Prop DJing or are you looking to things like mash ups, beat matching, sampling and the like?

A prop DJ can use just about any audio player that supports playlists. There are some programs to make prop DJing easier, but for the most part, they are rather useless.

If you are looking to do the latter, then there are mixxx and xwax. TerminatorX is good, but is not really designed for DJing. Even though I have a video of myself doing a live set with TerminatorX, I learned first hand that it should not be done if you plan on doing a long set. TerminatorX was really just designed to play samples and to scratch without the use of turn tables.

xwax is a little tricky to use since it relies on cli commands to get running. mixxx is the way to go, though, especially if you have time coded vinyl and some decent sound cards (or something like a serato or audio 8 dj (the latter im still trying to get working perfectly, though)).

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