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French translation Beta3 - online test

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EDIT: Translation released, see announcement


Hello all,

I have completed 3/4 of the transfer of pages to html for the French translation of GGL.o

The files are not online but are available inside the download file. There are still many little things missing (like the footers and punctuation which will be done automatically when transfer is complete) but the core of the work and structure is done.

What needs doing on the translation before we can release it:
- Finish the translation of the "De Windows à Linux" page (the conclusion has been forgotten)
- Find some more localised versions (in French) of good places to go for beginners, in the "Où aller ensuite" page.

And a nice complement (although not mandatory) would be to translate the Linux FAQ.

What's the planning then?

- This week-end (before Sun 26 Nov) hopefully: complete transfer and release beta2
- On Wednesday or Thursday: release beta3 "half-online" (not officially released or linked to from other languages, but available for link-testing)
- On Sat, Dec 1st: release.

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Wiki to xhtml

I find this can be useful...

The best way is xslt with a xml document but i never used it.

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xslt only makes sense when

xslt only makes sense when xml is being used in the first place, and wiki != xml

oh, and making humans edit xml is sadistic.

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Joined: 2006-07-13
Beta2 released

Beta2 is out with the whole transfer of the wiki content and many improvements in the code. Sorry for the delay but I just couldn't upload the file till now.
I found no additional problem, so providing we can solve the few things I mentioned above, the Beta3 will go "half-online" on Thursday.

Unfortunately the wiki to xhtml doesn't work for us... The Mediawiki-language links won't be translated correctly.
I think though, that such a tool wouldn't be too useful.. The actual wiki contents are only 20% of the work, the rest is all the tags for the css, and especially the menus and menus structure. It's a lot of manual, careful snippy copy/pasting.
Thanks for the link anyway.


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Joined: 2006-07-13
Beta3 half-online

Beta3 is now released "half-online".
The entire translation is available, but this is not an official release. Please do not spread the news yet / S'il vous plaît, ne faites pas encore part de la mise en ligne. We need another 24/48 hours to resolve several issues.

Since the French translation team is not very active lately, I call on everyone to please have a quick look at the French translation, even if you don't speak French. Just browse two or three pages at random and look for untranslated patches, or dead links or images, anything.

Known bugs to solve before official release:

  • Pages are not xhtml validated
  • All links have not been checked
  • The "Choose a distribution" and similar pages aren't finished, waiting for a final English version (see latest "Changing to Fedora" posts)
  • The "Linux FAQ" is not translated

I am working hard to have this complete this Saturday night, European time.

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Joined: 2006-07-13

This is now all completed, here is the announcement.
Sorry for the delay, but since I do not own my internet connexion it sometimes happens that I'm suddenly offline and can do nothing about it.


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