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Funny videos and a dance fest

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Joined: 2006-05-04

Watching the demos of practice matches that were held recently I've gotten some silly ideas. Since we're gathering demos of all matches there are bound to be some funny moments. We can try and extract those into a collection of funny videos.

Also, another thing, although it could be harder to realize, is to organize a dance fest of sorts in a particular game. For example in Nexuiz we can gather up a number of players and try to do a synchronous dance, get it all on the video. Imagine how funny would that be! I think it'd be all over youtube and digg. Laughing out loud

I've gotten this idea when I was watching a demo of a match between me and kyre (where he totally and absolutely owned me) when he was typing something after showing me a ramp jump I was dancing left and right. I didn't know it looked that funny as I was doing it, but watching it in a demo from the third (kyre's perspective) I actually almost laughed out loud - I looked rather silly. Laughing out loud

So that's where it hit me.. if one guy dancing can look funny imagine if 10 of us try to do it in a large map. :lolol:

Joined: 2007-09-10
We'd need a choreographer

We'd need a choreographer to teach us the steps Smiling

There are a lot of types of vids we can make or solicit.

And just from the tournament, we should be able to gather good stuff (if you are about to get eliminated but have that signature move you always wanted to show off, think highlight reel).

A set of distros built around this tournament can even feature the videos, asking the user to vote for the best XXXX. [A script can be built so that all the tournament games and anything else that doesn't fit in the CD/DVD will be downloaded automatically for the user.]

I would like the tournament packaged up so that any distro can install much of it.

A whole separate project can be to create a Funny distro by asking for donations from the community. We can make the distro defaults be funny. We'd ask for funny graphics and icons for all sort of apps. Anyway, this sounds like something for Tux Project and not this tournament, but it can start with the tournament!

Joined: 2006-03-28
Great idea. We could have

Great idea.

We could have compilations like "The greatest frags", "The luckiest frags", "Unluckiest deaths" (like somebody jumping down, right into a rocket that was launched at somebody else) or "The craziest suicides". ;-)

Joined: 2007-09-10
Some more titles

"Most shots fired in a minute without hitting anything"

"Most inept leaving a respawn zone"

"Worst weapon choices"

"Everyone's plaything" (or "Most called upon for painting the town red")

...and for real players...

"Longest time without being hit" (or without getting fragged)

"Living on the edge" (eg, surviving with little health)

"Quickest to 20 frags"

"Most damage taken without dying" (because of extra health and armor)

>> "Unluckiest deaths" (like somebody jumping down, right into a rocket that was launched at somebody else)


Also unlucky would be scoring lots of shots without a frag ("Most inept at finishing off opponents")

"Most confusing scene"

Joined: 2007-09-10
Longest levitation! (using

Longest levitation! Laughing out loud
(using rocket jump in the air)

Joined: 2007-09-10
"Top Worst Beatings Ever

"Top Worst Beatings Ever Caught on Tape"

Joined: 2006-03-28
"Most suicides" (I think I

"Most suicides" (I think I might be a candidate here...)
"Best wallsplatters" (After how I was bouncing all over the place more or less every time GreenMarine fragged me)

Joined: 2007-09-10
One thing that is difficult

One thing that is difficult to see in the low resolution demos is the vast amounts of fluids and solids by the feet of my fighter as green would approach.

>> "Best wallsplatters"

I think that one is really a good one (seriously), and green's demos will provide ample selections.

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