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Future GNOME ideas

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I was linked to Mark Shuttleworth's entry on GNOME usability hackfest which links to some interface ideas here. Most notable seems to be changing the top panel into non-customizable one (in terms of adding applets to it) and replacing the current "Applications Places System" menus with "Activities" button which would bring an overlay screen with applications to launch, workspaces etc. which would take the whole screen.

It would still be possible to add custom panels, though I'm not sure it'd be possible to remove the main top panel.

What do you think of this?

I'm a bit curious since it would be a shame for GNOME to stray away into some weird waters trying to innovate. KDE4 is great, but a lot of people are having trouble getting used to some of the changes they've made. It's always a big risk when there are such big changes being made.

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It sounds like they want

It sounds like they want Linus Torvalds to hate them even more for making Gnome a restrictive environment. ^^

I wouldn't mind the "Activities" button replacing lots of custom launchers if it speeds up startup after login.
But why prevent the use of custom launchers? Give people both options (panel launchers + activities launchers) and let them set up their system their own way.

Not being able to remove the top panel sounds similar to the windows design. Perhaps they want to prevent users accidently removing it.
If they do that, they should make sure to keep the "hiding" option which hides the panel when not used.

P.S: I switched to openbox+fbpanel and am very happy with it. Sticking out tongue
I only miss a volume applet, but when needed gnome-volume-control is enough.
It's incredible how not having nautilus run at startup (small drawback: no Desktop icons) can speed up the system and reduce RAM usage. Smiling
I use Thunar for graphical file management.

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Joined: 2006-05-04