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Gamefest site freshened up

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Joined: 2006-05-04

I've made some updates to our Freedomware Gamefest 2007 brochure site. Added the about page with a brief, but hopefully very clear and understandable description of what this fest actually is, the the prizes page showing which prizes are available for the main winner and what for tournament winners, as well as pointing out that by donating and buying from the gamefest web shop you can increase the pool from which to draw better prizes.

Most importantly I added the tournaments page which starts out with a brief description and run down of all games and corresponding tournaments, six of them in total according to current stats. Then goes on with a bit more detail, namely the links to game homepage and applicable rules as well as listing available servers.

So basically it is one place on which the new user can easily skim through the most relevant information of this fest, the actual tournaments, their rules (which also describe how they are to be played) and available servers. As we start with tournaments this page will also be a launching spot for tournament subpages on which we will publish schedules and stats. Basically I'll just make the run down at the beginning of the page become links to these sub pages.

Aside from that I just made some cosmetic and readability improvements.

Feel free to comment or make suggestions. Smiling

Soon.. well, just as I get some sleep, I'll start writing the final press release. Simultaneously as we try to gain more publicity I will be making final updates to guidelines, mostly to Nexuiz/OpenArena guidelines which aren't yet fully shaped up and also write up ones for Armagetron Advanced. Since the press release could bring in more people I'm not closing the rules from feedback just yet, which is why we can release to press before the guidelines are 100% done.

And immediately before the PR is out, I'll mail all people who signed up to help push it up. We'll try digg, slashdot and other sites. We need to make one final blast on the net to gain some steam to start this thing up! This has never been done, multiple tournaments under one umbrella and with a common cause!! We have a powerful message here.

So even though, I admit, organization hasn't been much to admire (hey I'm doing it for the first time Sticking out tongue ), I think we can make something out of it, right? Smiling