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"get linux" is now ours in the UK

Someday it will be ours worldwide.


Great news

Great news :-)

Great In additin, today I

Great ;-)

In addition, today I spent a whole afternoon submitting GGL to a handful of directories. I picked a list of them and applied to every one that had a PR of 6 or more, and required neither payment nor link exchange.

This is quite unpleasant to do (clearly not the nicest part of the web :-/ ) but seeing how much presence had in there, I felt it would be worthwhile. I suppose it may only have an effect in a few months, though.

That's awesome man! Yeah I

That's awesome man! Smiling

Yeah I know about the directories.. reminds me that I should set aside some time for that as well as I haven't been doing it in a while and there are probably some good directories to enter...

I wish Nuxified was at the level GGL is reaching, but for the "linux help" keyphrase. We have a lot more competition here. :S

and... our French site is

and... our French site is now #9 for "Linux" on the French Google. That's over 120 hits per day =)

Great news! Altough the

Great news!

Altough the Spanish one is still too far...

Guys, you already own it

Guys, you already own it for "get linux" worldwide! Good job! Smiling

yesssss.... [monkey-dance

yesssss.... [monkey-dance around the bedroom]
This is only 12 hits per day ("get linux" is not that big) but still a cool progress. As for "Linux", we oscillate between #110 and #140. There will be a marked progress when we reach PR7, though (ambitious, I know = ).


Guys!!! We're the 69th result for LINUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 10th in Spain! The 6th in Venezuela! The 11th in Mexico! The 13th Argentina! The 2nd in Colombia!... and so on... They're taking over the Internet!

Yee ha!

Awesome! Looks like GGL got

Awesome! Looks like GGL got a gain with the last "Google Dance" (a PageRank update), and it fully deserves this.

Totally great! This is

Totally great!
This is exactly the kind of news that pumps motivation up.. jumped jumped from PR 0 to PR 5.
It's the fastest rise I've ever seen, it seems Digg is becoming quite like Google these days, whether you like it or not, you need to be in it...

In January I plan to take our network of sites seriously and be more active/aware about PR, statistics and visits.

Digg helps because it gives

Digg helps because it gives you a good incoming link. So do all social networks. It's a way to do viral marketing.

However, many webmasters have received a bit of a slap from Google on this last update for being too PR centered (selling links in particular). Libervis sites dropped page rank. It was a good wake up call not to depend so much on Google and consider PR so holly. Now I'd value real search engine positions for a given keyword, traffic and the actual number of quality inbound links over that green PR bar any day.. It's not the top most authority. Eye

Still, the jump in PR is indicative. It's a clean site and it's been highly linked so PR does reflect that. Smiling


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