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ariadacapo wrote: Gustavo
ariadacapo wrote:
Gustavo wrote:

Also, I'd rephrase that text as: "There's more to software than price. Freedomware is good for you, your business and society".

I'm not sure about this... do you see Bob as a business owner? Were you thinking about "finances" rather than business?

Nope. I think I was not very clear; I meant "Freedomware is good for you, businesses and society". I'd like to include businesses there, because of the common misunderstanding we all know.

Gustavo wrote:

There are two points that are basically the same thing (source code): "Now you can trust your computer" and "It works through source code", so I think we should merge them.

That's what I did, although not quite as you suggested. Criticisms welcome.

I like that "source code" is not mentioned; if it's needed, I think we should use a user friendly synonym like "software repice".


4. don't be afraid

Gustavo wrote:

I'm not fond of the "non-free" and "proprietary" adjectives for that kind of software. May I suggest "freedom-trampling software" instead? Altough it's perhaps too offensive for the context (who has a better alternative?).

I share your thoughts about non-free software but I have to disagree here. "Freedom-trampling" is extremely strong and we'd need much more space and time to justify that term.
I share libervisco's view that in this case it's better to not go too much against the user and focus on how good freedomware is instead.

I think that would be an utopia; I doubt you can promote freedomware effectively without letting people know why you're against freedom-trampling software. Even the current draft, in paragraphs 1 and 3, talks about the problems of freedom-trampling software. And I think paragraph 2 should too: "(..) No-one will call you 'pirate' if you share this useful tool with your family and friends".

Anyways, fortunately we won't need a polite edition of "freedom-trampling software" because the current draft doesn't mention "non-free software".


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We find the term

We find the term "freedomware" to be the most explicit, least ambiguous of all these terms.

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