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I have the great pleasure to announce that the French translation of has been released.
Credits go to (by alphabetical order): Bruno Bord, Loïs Di Qual, Bruno Ethvignot, Thiébaut Hillenweck, Joseph Maillardert, myself, Laurent Richard, Fabian Rodriguez, and Anthony Verez. My sincere thanks go to all for all the work that has been done.

Two details: The domain name redirects to the French translation; and language tabs in the Spanish version will be updated very soon. continues to attract new visitors, and today more than 10 000 distinct visitors have browsed the website since its launch last July.The Spanish translation is a very large success and draws a lot of attention, especially through search engines. I hope the best for the French translation, which I will attempt to spread around me in my university (in France).

What is coming next?

There are many, many ideas being discussed and thought about for the future of, not the least being trying to encourage the sales of computers with GNU/Linux pre-installed on it.

In order to handle the flow of ideas, best organize and prioritize it, and especially in an attempt to allow people to participate more easily and directly in developing the website, the main priority for the coming month will be the set-up of a bug tracking / project management system.

Also, we will set-up a "planet-GetGNULinux"-like website where the activity and community behind the GGL.o website will be more visible and centralized than today.

Apart from that, well, the only limit is the human time available: there are countless improvements and developments we can make. Despite the various bad news around this month and the launch of Windows Vista, we are well on our way spreading the use of free software. I have a very optimistic vision of the future !

Thank you,

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Congratulations! It's good


It's good to see GGL progressing like this. About the project management and the planet I think Drupal can handle both at the same time. Alternatively you could use something like trax plus a simple planet system. But that's a discussion for another thread.

Cheers. Smiling

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