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Gnash being ported to Haiku

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Nice! That's what happens

Nice! That's what happens with Free Software. You don't need to wait for some vendor to decide to support a platform. If someone wants support badly enough, they just port it. And Haiku is not yet even a complete OS.


That is good news. Too bad gnash is not available for puppylinux yet Sad I have tried compiling but with no luck..

I would rather use open-source solutions even if commercial is available.

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Watch your choice of words,

Watch your choice of words, free/open can be commercial too. Don't spread the misconception that free software is only volunteer work (which the uninformed will interpret as having poor quality and no support).

Of course if you want to use only software that is free in both meanings of the word, that is an interesting choice...

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apart from that, adobe's

apart from that, adobe's flash plugin isn't commercial - it's freeware.

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