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GNU/Linux switchers: Who did you convert?

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Did you convert anyone to GNU/Linux, like friends of family members? How did you do it and how do they like their new operating system?

This thread is about sharing those kinds of stories.

I'll start with mine, as an example.

I've pretty much switched my three sisters over. As anyone else they mainly used Windows on their computer once they got it, but I've been advocating the benefits of GNU/Linux as well as some philosophical advantages, showing it off to them, namely the ability to easily change the looks, easy burning of CDs via K3B, stability as opposed to constant crashing and easy corruption of Windows (which is actually a huge point) etc.

Today they are using GNU/Linux (currently Ubuntu Dapper) most of the time. My youngest sister is addicted to Five Or More game (go figure) and the oldest seems to have a thing for PySol. They all like the speed of burning CDs with K3B since they noticed it is actually faster than it was on Nero at Windows.

They often make some weird customizations to their desktop, changing the GNOME theme (I've installed lots of themes to choose from) and also rearranging where menus and icon launchers are displayed. I kind of like seeing them embracing the power of GNU/Linux. On Windows they never were able to have so much control over how their desktop looks, and they know it. They rarely ask for help, seems to have figured everything out by themselves, and my sister which is about to finish high school is thinking of doing a graduation project on GNU/Linux. The idea is to possibly create something cool and show it off from a GNU/Linux LiveCD as part of a presentation of her project. Smiling

They still do dual boot with Windows for specific games, but that's not often. All in all GNU/Linux lives big time in our house. Heck, even my dad uses it, though mostly just for web surfing with Firefox.

Come to think of it, just to say that they use it with satisfaction is like saying what should be the obvious thing. There are rarely any problems. It pretty much just works and doesn't get in the way, which can hardly be said for Windows BSODs. Eye

Er.. ok, your turn.

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got a dual-booter

On the last day of school last year, before I moved, I gave someone a set of Fedora Core 5 CDs and System Rescue CD (which I'm working to replace with DON'T PANIC). This person doesn't come on AIM much, so I haven't been able to contact him for a long time. I asked one of my friends that still lives where I used to to tell the person I gave the CDs to to get online. He's been trying to contact me for like a month now, but every time I was away and he doesn't stay on very long.

Finally, I got in a conversation with him. He said him and his family like Fedora and he's now dual booting. There weren't any troubles with installation or hardware, and it only took him a day to get used to Fedora. I didn't go into much detail, but he said he used the CLI a little bit. He uses GNOME, and I told him about KDE. When he asked how to get it, I told him it'd be best to upgrade to FC6 and install KDE and GNOME with it.

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That is cool. Hmm, real

That is cool. Hmm, real life people? Guy called sean who was in my old college. We were playing about on the machines out of bordom, and he saw me ssh home. He asked what I was doing so I told him. We went to a PC shop the next day together to grab a hard drive for a pc I was repairing and I got speaking to the guy behind the desk. He was also a [sometimes] GNU/Linux user. Being friendly as he was, he offered us some disks, some he burned, others official such as ubuntu. Sean took an ubuntu one, I took an OpenSuSE one [was gonna reveiew at the time]. He booted it, then next time I saw him he was spurting out jazz words all over the place.
"So like last night, at 4am, I was apt-getting some gaim, when sudenly I nmaped a config!" etc. :|
I thought, it was just a phase, as I was prob the same, so just grinned, corrected him and left him to his own devices.
We stopped speaking as much as I was sitting in software labs, and he was in hardware. We had the odd conversation but not as often.
When I spoke to him again, he had sorted everything and had it running smoothly.
I did not expect him to drop Windows, as alot of his work was Windows based. But it is nice to see he does use an alternative as his desktop.

Note, I think he changed distro, I can not remember what to though! Maybe OpenSuSE or CentOS

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Great stories there!

Great stories there! Smiling Anyone else?

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