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Google Chrome?

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Joined: 2006-05-04

In an attempt to liven up the board a little I thought I'd ask about Google Chrome and if anyone has tried it and what are your thoughts?

I've tried it in wine according to these instructions and it works alright. I could sum up my opinion about it is that it's a good concept interface wise, and with regards to some of the beneath the hood stuff (like each tab being its own program not affecting the rest of the browser, though that has disadvantages), but since it's missing firefox extensions compatibility and isn't yet native to GNU/Linux, isn't quite there yet.

There were also some privacy concerns about it. First they had an EULA applied to it, which they later corrected, that would allow google to own ALL of the information you send through the browser. Then there are some features in the browser which depend on google, meaning that the browser constantly communicates with google and could in this way also compromise privacy without the user knowing.

Since the source code of it is free though (under the "chromium" project) I think I'll wait till someone from the GNU/Linux communities builds a version that is compatible with firefox and verified not to contain any privacy traps. Smiling

What do you think?

Joined: 2006-03-28
In my opinion as a

In my opinion as a web-developer this is just another browser I might sooner or later have to test my websites on. I do hope that they use an existing engine that has been proven standards-compatible, or at least something selfmade that renders in the way I expect it, not like that damn IE that always shows crap...

Personally I am not really interested in Chrome. As KDE-User I even seldom enough use Firefox, mostly I'm on the net using Konqueror.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Well, it uses webkit as a

Well, it uses webkit as a rendering engine, same as new epiphany and I think Midori as well, which seems pretty standards compliant so it shouldn't repeat the IE related worries.

Konqueror uses KHTML for rendering, right?

Joined: 2006-03-28
WebKit comes from Safari if

WebKit comes from Safari if I remember correctly. And, if I am not mistaken, it actually is a fork of KHTML, which, to answer your question, is the rendering engine for Konqueror.

Also, from what I have read, WebKit has found its way into QT, which may, at some point, enable Konqueror to either switch to WebKit, or, the idea that I favor, offer the choice between KHTML and WebKit.

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it seems technically Chrome

it seems technically Chrome is interesting, as the rendering speed seems MUCH faster than both Firefox and Konqueror (basically there are very little lags for large web pages). I also liked its minimalist UI and integrated JS debugger.

also it seems it doesn't use an unmodified version of WebKit, as I have notified some sites which doesn't work under Safari but works well under Chrome.

still though, the anti-phishing feature (which use Google as its service, anyway I think Firefox uses Google as well) and the "sending crash report & usage stats to google" "feature" are both privacy concerns, and Google is also its non-replaceable default address bar search engine (unless hacking the source code).

btw, I'm using the Chromium nightly build which is BSD-Licensed.

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