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Got some minutes? Help us with the screencasts!

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Joined: 2006-09-11

Hello, everyone.

I've been trying to record some screencasts for our translators but it's been impossible. So, we need your help to record them; please consider helping us out.

For more information, please visit

We really need your help.


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Joined: 2006-05-04

Incidentally just released an article that might help with this: Screencasts in Ubuntu, part 2: FFmpeg

Joined: 2007-08-07
gtk-recordMyDesktop works

gtk-recordMyDesktop works fine here.
To keep coherence, only one browser should be used and the Desktop Environment theme should be the same, even if the screencasts are created by more than one person. For this reason, it's better to create a user account on your computer, at least while you work on the screencasts. Also, your browser's language should be English.
I currently have KDE4 and Gnome only, I'll try to get KDE3.5 to keep coherence.

One question, beyond registering, other screencasts will involve logging in, should I use my own account? or should we use iGNUcious as a dummy member ?

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Joined: 2006-09-11
Sorry for not replying

Sorry for not replying before, I was not notified about these replies; I wonder if my switch from Kontact in KDE3 + POP3 to Kontact in KDE4 + IMAP has something to do - that would be worrying :-/

@Danijel: Thanks for the link. With the amount of work on other things at GLM, I would try it if everything else fails, because it's not an easy solution.

@Hassan: I think it's not necessary to install KDE3. I think Konqueror or Firefox is enough, but only one of them, not both. I mean, we don't /have/ to use Konqueror, it just happens to be the one I used when I tried to record the screencasts, but we can use Firefox from now on; it's up to you Smiling. Also, I can change the theme of my Gnome apps while I use KDE and I think the opposite is possible too, so I think it's not necessary to install the whole KDE.

And yes, I think it's better to keep the iGNUcius user name. I'll send you the credentials by email. If someone else wants to contribute, please tell me and I'll send the credentials to you too.


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