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Guide; DirectFB and ppc

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This guide is mainly writen for a friend trying to help him. I needed somewhere to pasebin it, but I will share anyway..

Ok, so first we need to get the framebuffer and libs.

sudo apt-get install libdirectfb-dev fbset

That should get you libdirectfb and libdirectfb-extras, and anything directfb may need.
fbset allows you to effectivly get your framebuffer 'resolution'.

Once you have got them all, run


Add what that gives out to the bottom of /etc/fb.modes .

If you plan not to use gnome at all, you will need to edit your init scripts, there is an easy debain tool for such a task.

sudo apt-get install rcconf

Once that has downloaded run sudo rcconf and remove GDM or KDM and exit.

Take a reboot.

Then try, after login

sudo apt-get install links2
links2 -g

If you want to enable your mouse you need gpm, sudo apt-get install gpm

Everything worked here after that..I checked about yaboot, I was wrong I don't have a video option set, so I doubt you will need it.

All the above is done on Ubuntu v6.10, how ever I see nothing there that should have only been added recently to the repo's. Infact I reckon that versions of debian above [if not including] woody. All done on my iBook g4.

Let me know how you get on.