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Hello I'm Justin Breithaupt. Please read the full article and tell me what you think I should do. Thanks.

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So you probably want to know more about me first? (who I am) (what I stand for)

It's Time For Global Domination!

Well not really I don't want to control the free world I just want to make it possible for everyone to use GNU/Linux and learn about it just as easily as they can Windows or Mac.

Here is some of what we have done so far while was down.
24 hour help and support (865) 329-7705 usacomputertech [at] mindblowingidea [dot] com and our best method is our support forum . (An alternative to the Wikipedia where admins are discouraged from moderating users without previous warning and my permission)

Our QOS is not that great yet but as more people volunteer to help it will get better.

And they still tell us we don't contribute to the GNU/Linux community. We will let you decide that for yourself.

We just got a factory 2 stories tall with 3 garage doors big enough to hold 4 - 5 combines. We opened up an Ultumix TM GNU/Linux video game arcade, Internet cafe, truck stop, movie theater, PS2 and other game console play station, unlimited free phone calls, ect.

We want to build a 2nd story and start the previously mentioned GNU-U. I've talked it over with Richard Stallman and we have come to the agreement that I can use the name as long as I don't teach people to use non-free software. We can make them aware of it's existence but not promote it. Unfortunately in the business below (arcade) we are forced to use 3D drivers and a few other non-free software programs to do business.

Right now it is costing us $200.00 a month rent and the main office is used as a book store. It will cost us $100,000.00 to buy the building and we can build it taller because the support beams are very strong and close together. This small but sufficient future University building / arcade / Computer factory and computer repair shop can be heated with two large wood stoves. The lumber will be free this year because I found a friend with extra wood permits. Currently I am using my personal funds from my job to keep this place open and pay my contracted employees. It will cost us $475.00 a month for the use of the whole building. Any help would be much appreciated. As I don't claim to be an GNU/Linux expert by any means and need teaching staff. One of the reasons I have a very hard time teaching my workers is because I get up at 4: AM, get to work at 6 AM, get off at 2 PM, drive to my business at 3 PM (if I'm lucky I usually end up stopping to buy something the business needs or helping a customer) and go to bed at 6 PM (Ya right 10 PM is more like it usually) and try to sleep in on the weekends. This job is literally killing me. I've never had shaky hands, veered off the road, or felt this tired in my entire life except back when I was going to Christian school. So I would like to get my hours straight and the only way that will happen is with educated employees able to do their jobs and not high school grads that never touched GNU/Linux before they started working for me.

We also allow the Boy Scouts of America to use our building when they want as I'm the Assistant Scout Master for Troop 281. They haven't started their meetings this year yet.

The security system has been a blessing so far. We had one person that was there say something on film and the police wanted us to testify to it but because it was on film we didn't have to.

We also have an upper office and a few of our employees may end up moving in there because they will soon be homeless as they will have no place to stay.

They currently eat the food we sell for the price we buy it at and I subtract it from their wages. They enjoy this. We have Ice Cream, personal Pizzas, Pizza pockets, Fruit cups, Cheese Burgers, and we might start ordering other things as well. I got Gatorade but they want soda pop Sad I think soda pop is bad for your health. We also have a microwave we got for free and a full size double freezer we got for $10.00. But it came with a whole lot more than just a freezer we found out later.

The previous owner of the freezer had put 3 steaks on the 2nd to bottom shelf and let the blood go everywhere. There was 1 inch of blood in the bottom of the freezer. We got a half gallon of clorox bleach and pored it on the blood and in the bottom. Then suddenly it all fomed up white and turned clear yellow. We sucked it out with a shop vac and wiped it all down and it was as good as new.

After the 1st week we had about 20 people register and 2 - 3 volunteers all under 18 that wanted to work for game time. However these kids can do manual labor and play games but can't yet install GNU/Linux. I tried teaching one how to make a Cat 5 cable but 10 ends being chopped off later I had to do it.

Even though can't move here you can teach them via web cam / voip / chat using skype or ekiga.

We want to make a splash by donating a computer to the winner of the Freedomware game fest 2008. We only have two problems.
1. We can't seem to contact Freedomware game fest and
2. We don't know how to connect multiple gaming computers from behind a single IP.

We have about 12+ kids and adults interested in competing and 5 computers capable of allowing them to compete.

I've been trying to post this on but they don't seem to be available.

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Hi, welcome Justin. That's

Hi, welcome Justin. That's quite a story. I've heard about you and Ultumix (actually I think we chatted a bit on LXer) and you do seem to be quite active, but also quite controversial. Sticking out tongue

I think having a building to use for your business, which is at that about promoting GNU/Linux is an incredible opportunity. I mean not everyone gets to have such a business space to use.

Anyway, about Freedomware Gamefest, there isn't a 2008 edition yet as it took an incredible amount of time just to finish off the 2007 one. A few things could have been done better in terms of organization and motivation of players - we were too flexible, allowing players to play at their own time which ended up being a near-disaster.

BUT, I still consider it a fair success considering the size of the cake we were biting - multiple tournaments at once, organized for the first time etc. We have a whole slew of exciting demos recorded, quite a bit of earned experience should something similar be tried in the future, some potentially useful contacts and well.. we got the term "freedomware" out there.

Sadly, I'm still awaiting for Landy from to send the prizes off to the winners and also for and their promised gaming keyboard. I guess everyone just disappeared over the summer, cause just like you, I can't seem to get in touch. That is, emails are unanswered and nothing is happening. But I'll keep trying periodically.

That said.. about the 2008 edition of the gamefest, I can't promise there will be one honestly. I'm shifting my focus on efforts other than freedomware, aside for If there will be one, it will be perhaps less ambitious, but much more streamlined and strict in terms of scheduling and will focus at one game at a time. My personal favorite would be Tremulous (which, just as the tremulous tournament ended resulted in a disassembling of the best tremulous clan into a training alliance, CY, which was cool Smiling ).

There were also some discussions with CY of Tremulous of making into a freedomware gaming community site where we occasionally organize special tournaments and I'm still supportive towards the idea, but considering my shift of focus, unless I come up with a way of significantly monetizing it, it can only be a hobby project. So we'll see.

IF we will be organizing a 2008 gamefest, or at least 2009 (beginning of year or so), I suppose if offer will be still valid, a whole computer as a prize would be a nice motivator. Smiling

Btw, the gamefest channel on IRC was at #gamefest and there are still people idling in there. Smiling


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Thanks for the reply.

Ya I hate to say it but I think that TheTuxProject was doomed from the beginning because no one was willing to go threw with anything they discussed without a lot of bureaucracy. There are a couple reasons I'm "controversial" and one of those reasons is because I speak right out in the open about these types of things rather than talking behind people's backs. I will admit that the Ultumix community members have private conversations that aren't shared and I talk with Richard Stallman every once in a while when I have questions for him (usually non-technical that regard use of free-software or a definition).

I don't want to be "controversial" but it's better to be a little controversial than a total fake or sell out.

I think (know) my Christian morals offend people some times but if everyone wants me to conform to their ways of life that offend me like cussing, swearing, and tolerance for unconstitutional things then I can't.

I try hard to please people but it just doesn't work.

Just this week someone in my forum came back again and tried to split me and Edwin up lol.

Anyway if you know anything about making a piece of hardware for a computer let me know because I'm looking for someone to pay to do some work for me that could launch Ultumix so far forward that Microsoft wouldn't stand a chance.

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Quote: I'm looking for

I'm looking for someone to pay to do some work for me that could launch Ultumix so far forward that Microsoft wouldn't stand a chance.

I have difficulty imagining what that could be...
But if you are sure Microsoft wouldn't stand a chance against it, it makes sense to keep it secret. ^^

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Secret Project

Well I'll say it is a Hardware Project. It's a very interesting Hardware Project. What I need is a "Computer" Hardware Engineer that can make this blueprint into reality. I need someone to tell me how long it will take to design and produce, and how much it will cost to do it. Then I'll get my investors to put their money where their mouth is.

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Part 2

We also have a software project that needs investors. This project will be multi platform and give us the money we need to do anything else ever. We have had several programmers look at it and they all told us that it's a full proof plan except that people don't have the money to invest in it right now.