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hostname problem

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In a small LAN with 2 computers [one computer runs Windows and the other runs GNU/Linux (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4)], I have set the IP address to and, netmasks for both are The hostname of the Windows machine is set to "main", workgroup is "lzbx". Currently I have the following result under the GNU/Linux machine:

[root@client etc]# hostname

However, in the Windows machine I just can't connect to the GNU/Linux machine using the hostname "lzbx". Using "" address will connect correctly, though.

Not sure how can I get it connect correctly using the hostname "client".

Thanks in advance

Joined: 2006-03-28
The problem here might be

The problem here might be that Windows doesn't know where to resolve the name.
If you have Samba running this might help alot because then Windows can use NetBIOS to resolve the name.

Another possibility would be the use of a DNS or just editing the hosts-file.

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