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How to install Linux on a Netbook?

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I recently bought a Netbook that came with Windows 7 Starter, which is awful. So I'm considering Linux. The problem is that i cannot insert a cd in the netbook.
Could I use an application like Daemon Tools for the installation?
If not, what can I do?
Thank you very much in advance.

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Re: How to install Linux on a Netbook?

I'm not sure about Daemon Tools, but you can use an USB stick or even an external USB CD/DVD drive. Here are the instructions how to install Ubuntu from an USB stick. You can get a full Ubuntu from or you could try Ubuntu Netbook Remix which is a variant of Ubuntu for netbooks.

There's also an overview of the best netbook-friendly linux distros which has some useful links.

But that's typically how it's done. You boot Linux from an USB stick and install from there like you would normally.

Hopefully that helps. Smiling

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Re: How to install Linux on a Netbook?

My last post didn't work because I forgot to log in - hence the delayed response.

You have two options.

Buy an external USB CD/DVD burner.

Use unetbootin to create an USB boot stick. (non-commercial; Unetbootin)


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