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How is your company monitoring your Internet use?

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I was told when I join the company by employers that the company had been monitoring the Internet use of staff members including temps. I understand that the modern technology allows them to get a list of every Internet site we visit and even a picture of every screen view we have ever had on the computer. So in fact if my employer wanted to read my personal emails and the silly messages I put on this and other message boards they could. But do they?
I wonder just how much the typical Corporate IT Department does in the area of remote Internet monitoring. Are the IT folks laughing at me and other employees because they can and do monitor every screen save of the moments we are on the Internet, or do they look at a list of every website we visit, or do they only worry about it when we are suspected of abusing our Internet?
Any IT or HR folks who can tell us a little more about Internet monitoring at companies today? Tell us more.

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Re: How is your company monitoring your Internet use?

I don't know the issue, but ...

A workaround is to have a keyboard smartphone and surf on your phone if needed. Or have
a netbook with 3G internet (apart from work's nwifi network) to surf. Then you can check
your personal emails w/o interference.


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Re: How is your company monitoring your Internet use?

It may also be possible to configure the work computer to use the phone or netbook's 3G connection instead off or in addition to the company's connection.

However, this is all subject to the contract that the employee signed with the company. If he or she agreed to be spied in the workplace then I don't think there's a problem. Of course if he also agreed not to do non-work stuff at work and circumvent the surveillance it'd actually be wrong of him to do so. It all depends on the contract.

Btw, spam link in the original post advertising a site that sells spying software was removed. It seems to have been the main reason why Sander posted and I don't want to encourage spam.

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