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How do I open this external DVD drive; Then what?

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I'm trying figure out how to open the Optiriac DVD RW AD-7170A
external drive. Below are 4 pictures of the burner.

- There is no screw in the front - just a CD/DVD drive door + buttom.
- There is nothing to grab on the right side. But I see 4 long screws under the plastic.
- There is two (top & bottom) plastic layers protecting the unit
- There is two screws (1 & 7 o'clock) by the fan and one "hole" nut at the top of the fan.
- There are two more screws right & lkeft of "CEFc" (c = copyright symbol).
- There are two pieces (part of the plastic) that are screwed in by two screws.

How does this box come apart? Does the plastic strips (right and left) comes off?

Why I want to take this apart?

Problem: Most time I use it, I have to jiggle or shake the unit. It doesn't automatically
connect - loose connection? I especially noted I end up jiggling the wire that connect to
the USB port (jiggle near the square plug)

Question: Beside cleaning it (spray can; air blow) what else can I do?


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Those images timed out. You

Those images timed out. You can actually upload them right here on Nuxified using the "file attachements" drop down link below the text input area.

Without seeing it I can just guess.. I suppose either there is some obscure way of opening it or it never was meant to open. I'm not actually sure you should open it before trying some other things.

Perhaps, if you still have the warranty, you could just go and try to get it serviced or replaced. Might be the safest thing to do. Even if you manage to open it, if it had a warranty it will probably be void.

Oh and btw, using canned air is, from what I've read, quite dangerous. Might be better to clean it with some electro-static resistant (or whatever is the term) cloth or just blow it manually or using a vacuum cleaner (but without touching the parts). I actually bought canned air myself recently, struggled with it, but upon reading about how dangerous it can be I don't dare to touch it anymore. Sticking out tongue


Joined: 2006-06-19
Here're the image

Here're the image attached.

The 6 months warranty expired a few months ago.

Joined: 2006-06-19
What other things do you

What other things do you suggest me to try before opening it?

Thank for your help.


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Joined: 2006-05-04
Did you test the USB ports

Did you test the USB ports with some other devices? It could be that the issue is with the USB ports rather than the drive itself (however unlikely it may seem).

Or it could just be a bad cable...

I'm really not sure what else. I never owned external drives. It could be a good idea to search around the web for people who had the same drive and see if anyone else was complaining about the jiggling problem you had and see what they did. Just combine various keywords related to your problem with the name of your drive. This way, if it comes to that, you could also see how others opened it.

My guess, about opening it up, would be that you'd just have to carefully unscrew all screws you have direct access to (which is not covered by plastic or anything) and then it might be easier to somehow remove the plastic, there ought to be a way to slide it off or unwrap or.. I'm not sure how exactly is it tied around.. Once the plastic is off it might be easier to unscrew the rest of the screws and open it up.

Would be good if we had anyone around here that experienced the same or similar issue with an external drive.. Anyone?

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When I saw the topic. I

When I saw the topic. I thought of the eject command, but that's not what you're looking for.

That drive doesn't look like it can be opened, but at least it does have some accessible screws. Those in FrontBottom.jpg look promising.

Out of curiosity I had a good look at my external harddrive. No screws at all!

Re: How do I open this external DVD drive; Then what?

well, last night i installed a new internet link on my computer, but when i put on my PC today, it seems like has brought some negtive effects on it, because the whole machine became slow, and sometimes i click, but there was no reaction at all. What happened?

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