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How to get Dual screen on IBook.

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Ok guys, I am currently thinking of making another 100% switch on my iBook. I think I would stick with Ubuntu, cause I do indeed need the support, and ubuntu being one of the biggest things since sliced bread, I know I can get support.
So anyway..
I like how I have it set up currently, so I am going to reinstall and use about 90% of the drive. The only thing that is holding me back really is the Dual Screen support. I can manage to mirror the main monitor, which is better than nothing, but I would like dual screens, as I have become used to it while on MacOSX.
Does anybody have any idea on how to do this?
Everything else seems to be working well, except I can't get XGL cause my stupid card..That was just to boot to show off tbh..

IBook G4 (1.33Ghz)
Card is ATI Technologies, Inc. M11 NV [FireGL Mobility T2e]
Currently I use the redeon driver..but ati driver also works well..
Anything else you need give me a shout.

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This shouldn't differ from

This shouldn't differ from any other ATi dual screen setup, so following should work. (ignore the bits about the kernel, as you're not on gentoo or LFS or something)

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