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How to install printer

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I got my Work station re-installed , it 's working properly but the issue is dat i have a printer too and i m unable to install it

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You're still using Windows

You're still using Windows XP right? You probably should have a cdrom somewhere that came with the printer, install the printer driver that is on it.

And that was all the help I can give you with the pain that is the combination of MS Windows and printers.

note to moderator: please move this topic to "System tools, drivers and hardware"

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Topic moved. Setting up a

Topic moved.

Setting up a printer under Windows is really a windows exclusive thing involving no freedomware and since we're not a windows support forum... well.. let's say it's a bit offtopic here. Smiling

But I'll use this chance to plug GNU/Linux here.. In it, your printer would most likely just work without you having to do anything. If you're curious about trying it see Get GNU/Linux dot org - it's a site that nicely describes what is GNU/Linux (or just "Linux" as many call it), why not windows, why is it better and which distros to get. Smiling

Let us know if you decide to try it.


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