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"I will *maybe* join the gaming tourney"

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Joined: 2006-05-04

The sign up thread is for those who seriously want to participate in the tourney, so we seriously count on them.

However, if you would like to participate, but are not sure if you will have time or that you really want to, this thread is for you - for all those for whom the status of their participation is still "maybe". Smiling

Just tell us who you are, and like in the other thread you can also tell us your in game nick names, games you'd like to play and when would you most likely be available in case you do end up officially joining the tourney.


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Joined: 2005-12-21
who: Taco

who: Taco Buitenhuis
nicknames: tb, tbuitenh
games to play: wesnoth (not very good at it, by the way)
possibly available: weekends

Joined: 2006-03-28
Well, then I guess you

Well, then I guess you delete my post from the other thread.
The main problem for me might be the time difference, since I'm way ahead of most of you (GMT+8).

I'd love to join though, and if it can be arranged I'll be there.

So here's the stuff I put on the other thread:
- reptiler (ingame usually Reptiler, sometimes RAvEN, but really just on very few occasions)
- if possible (since I'll have to play from Windows, unless these new ATI-drivers come soon and give me accelerated 3D) Nexuiz, OpenArena, Wormux and maybe something else that I didn't think of right now.
- Usually on weekends, best would be around evening HKT, saturdays also until like 2am HKT possible (if I have a long long talk with my wife to explain the irrational need to kill people I've never seen)
- And of course I voted on the poll. As far as I remember for the 2nd option.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Looks like one of our mods

Looks like one of our mods already deleted your sign up entry. Smiling I hope you manage to be in.

Thank you.

Joined: 2005-12-20
Me I want to play As

Me Laughing out loud

I want to play Sticking out tongue

As onlinebacon

Nexuiz, Warsow, Openarena (Y)

Joined: 2007-10-06
well i have school on

well i have school on weekdays, i need to know the exact times before i can seriously commit to participation.

-Blitz Red

-Tremulous, Urban Terror, Castle wolfenstein ET (if its included), and maybe open arena

-weekends and weekdays at night (best time for me is late at night between 8pm and 3am) and the 19th thru the 24th is my fall break.

Joined: 2007-10-15
I'd like to join, but can

I'd like to join, but can only do so if the scheduling is convenient. Mainly that means that the times are reasonable in my timezone (GMT +1000), especially since I don't like staying up past my midnight to play games (past your midnight is fine though). Also I'm even freer after the 17th Nov., if it ends up happening after that.

Name: Alan
Nicknames: AceAl, KAlan
Games: Wesnoth, Tremulous (maybe BZFlag and Nexuiz as well)
Most Available:Weekends, Monday and Friday



i'm certainly interested....i play daily in open arena on my work rbeaks but not sure if thats enough? i have just started clan [jedi] which currently only includes jesus lizard and gshadow and myself (brazil/sweden/canada) and not to brag but we have some serious talent and will likely grow quickly.

the clan for us is very laid back, positive and fun. i have played some fo the most interesting/phenomenal games of my life in the last week ...and am interested in how to get involved in some global tournaments as time permits...

no clan webpage yet, but for now check out my psy-art gallery + chill dj mixes @

please email if you're interested or whatever.

doktorj -at-

[Jedi]doktor J

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Joined: 2006-05-04
We're certainly interested,

We're certainly interested, but since the official registrations are closed already, I'm afraid you should decide whether you're in or out very quickly (like, within today or so, at least before we start scheduling). Three members are enough for one OpenArena CTF team. Smiling


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