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Idea: Massive LAN

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Joined: 2005-12-18

Hmm here is an idea.. We could each organise a massive LAN party of FOSS games. So what we do is... we approach our closest high speen connection place, a perfect example is a University. We ask then if we can make use of their connection and if they have a Linux lab, that too.
We make closest groups aware, we email out closest LUG groups, or ones that would be able to get there. And our friends and others. Any gamer would do!
We make it a night, and we all connect to the fastest server and play a massive worldwide LAN party.

Would that work? I know the time difference would maybe cause problems but it could still be do-able.

The night we could play FOSS games, then also locally play Proprietry games as normal LanPs do.


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Joined: 2006-03-08
Ideally we'd need a bunch

Ideally we'd need a bunch of universities/ISPs around the world with fast connexions to each other to be able to set up a massive VPN. Then we'd need to advertise it. The problem here might be different time zones — hardcore gamers haven't looked at a clock in decades, but not all people we would meet there are in that group ;-)

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It's an exciting idea, but

It's an exciting idea, but will obviously be hard to realize. Also I'm at odds as to benefits of doing it like that, with an VPN, emulating a LAN party (although it isn't really just "local") as opposed to just hooking our own computers to each other and playing multiplayer with each other.

It's nowadays quite easy to start up a server, just a matter of kicking it up in the game menus. If you've got a fast enough connection, and you guys all seem to have a few nice megabits, it shouldn't be a problem for a multitude of people to connect to it and play, although with my connection I wouldn't be able to participate in neither if it is real time FPS and not having a lag is important.

I guess your idea is about going further than simple multiplayer by holding LAN's in multiple places of the world at the same time and connecting those LANs into a network of LANs through those high speed university servers, right?

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