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If you buy a tablet or book, get it from B&N

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For those whom are living under a rock, Micro$oft has been bullying others manufacturer for patent
protection when Android is used. Barnes & Noble is taking a stand against them. Support them with
your money. If you are looking at tablets (especially Amazon Fire) or books (especially if the price is
competitive), buy from B&N.

For more, see

For those whom don't know, Groklaw started by exposing SCO who wrongfully claimed IBM and linux OS
was violating their Unix copyright. They are now almost dead. Now they expanded to other cases
including Micro$oft patent protection.

Also you can see

and watch Linux reaction to this issue.


p.s. For old news, surf through … mp;bih=829

a google link for "microsoft sue barnes & noble doj".

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Re: If you buy a tablet or book, get it from B&N

Yeah, that's nasty, and the main problem here is as usual the patents system. So long as it exists there will be companies abusing it, and Microsoft isn't the only one doing it.

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