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In search for a LiveCD with PartImage

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Hey folks, seems I've come around some weird problem.
I want to use PartImage for our backups here in the office, so I installed version 0.6.5 on our Debian-3.1-box and configured the daemon, because we want to do it via network.

I have a modified Slax-CD that contains PartImage (and some other nice tools), but the problem is that on the notebook I tested the network-card doesn't work with Slax. EasyLFS can use the card, so I guess that Slax might have an older kernel or something like that.
Problem with EasyLFS is that it doesn't have PartImage (though this makes me think about implementing it).
Next step: SystemRescueCD: wrong partimage-version, no DHCP-client. The latter isn't 100% required, but would be nice. But having a different version of PartImage makes the server refuse the connection.
PING (PartImage is not Ghost) also doesn't do it. I think also the wrong version of PartImage.

So, does anybody know a LiveCD that brings a fresh kernel (>=2.6.20 would be cool), PartImage 0.6.5 (Login- and SSL-support would be nice) and maybe even a DHCP-client?

Everything I found so far didn't help me, at this time it looks like it'll be "EasyLFS to the rescue"... But for that I'll have to plug in PartImage first, build a system and make it another BetaCD. But anyway, it's time for that again.

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There's DONTPANIC, but I'm

There's DONTPANIC, but I'm not sure if it's still in active development Puzzled

Joined: 2006-03-28
Yes, I was also thinking

Yes, I was also thinking about that. But is there any release yet? The website is pretty much talking in the future.
Well, maybe athing comes across this topic and remembers that he once had an interesting project running. ;-)

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I've been away the last six weeks, so I haven't been working on DON'T PANIC. But before that I didn't get that much time anyway. If someone wants to help out, I'll mail you all I've done so far after I relicense it to ≥GGPLv3.

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Take a look at Knoppix.

Take a look at Knoppix. There a lot of hits for "knoppix + partimage" over on google.

Joined: 2006-03-28
Thanks for the advice.

Thanks for the advice. Totally forgot about Knoppix, although I have an old version lying around here.
The thing just is that Knoppix is quite big, since it brings lots of stuff. Something specialized would be nicer.
Well, I'll check, maybe it's something for the meantime.

Joined: 2006-03-28
Okay, it's been a few days,

Okay, it's been a few days, but I made progress. This weekend I built a new Beta-CD for EasyLFS and also made a stripped version of it to use as some sort of rescue-CD. It still needs a little work, nettools and dhcp are still missing, but so far it works pretty good. Right now I'm using PartImage to backup via network to the server. Really nice. :-)
EasyLFS to the rescue...

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