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Including proofs against Microsoft

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I think we should include proofs of what we say against Microsoft, like some documents published in :

I like this part...

Microsoft OEM chief Joachim Kempin in an email sent to Bill Gates about Intel wrote:

(...) On the OEM side, I'm thinking of putting hitting the OEM harder than in past with anti Linux actions, in addition I will stop any go-to-market activities and only work with its competitors (something which is easy to do because they normally put crazy demands on us). For the rest of the company this is harder. I have been complaining that we have no real Linux wat-dog in MS, a lot of people have some ideas and actions around this but nobody is really responsible - I will establish this for OEM, may be we should do it for the company as well. I do not think you can do more than explaining what that Linux is bad for Intel, let's leave it there and do as they do - work underground with the clear understanding to promote and advantage the guys with less market share without declaring this our strategy.

Shouldn't we include this quotation in GGL?


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I wouldn't want to sound

I wouldn't want to sound bad, but I don't understand that quote really well.. it seems to be written in a confused fashion.
I believe that he is talking about things that are quite common and understandable across the industries. Surely Microsoft is working at killing GNU/Linux, that is perfectly legal and recognized... there isn't one person on earth that needs proof of this. Every company around (Intel aiming at AMD, Toyota at Ford etc) is busy doing that.
Did you have a particular paragraph in GGL in mind, that you feel needs more justification?

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