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Installing Ubuntu

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I have been trying to install ubuntu from the CD. I have an acer extensa 2300. It has been difficult to install and i have been getting the error message "error starting gnome settings daemon" What do I do to resolve this or do i just go and buy a MAC because I am already becoming disillusioned at the supposed ease of use of this OS. Please help

Thanks in advance

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Don't spend money on a Mac

Don't spend money on a Mac just yet. Smiling

Have you been getting this problem on the CD or did you manage to install and then get an error?

In any case, if it for some reason wont start the gnome settings daemon you can try starting it yourself. If you are in GNOME despite the error you could do this by pressing ctrl-f2 and running "gnome-settings-daemon" in it and see what happens.

Another way is to launch it in terminal which might give you some useful messages as to why can't the daemon be started. You can get to the terminal from Applications > Accessories > Terminal.

It seems that this sometimes happens when there is a problem with some hardware or the graphics server (

If you try to launch it from the terminal please post the output as it may contain useful information for helping you.

Cheers (and welcome!)

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Without more details about

Without more details about the errors, my guess is it's not a hardware compatibility issue but data corruption.

- how old is the laptop? The dvd drive of my acer got bad pretty quickly
- did you use a cdrw that had been used a few times already?
- did you try any LiveCDs (Linux versions that don't require installation to harddisk)? How did that go?

Anyway, surely the error message is longer than what you posted? Without more details an error like that is meaningless, it could be caused by anything.

Don't be discouraged by errors, errors are abnormal and have nothing to do with the everyday ease of use of an OS. To make a comparison: ms windows is easy enough to use for most people (not for me, but I'm crazy and can therefore only use command lines), except when it is showing those incomprehensible blue screens.

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Clarification of what

Clarification of what libervisco said: to manually run gnome-settings-daemon and maybe get a more detailed error message, start a terminal window using the menu item he mentioned, and type


then hit enter (or return or whatever it is called on your keyboard). No quote characters before or after the command.

I know using the terminal ( = command line) may seem primitive and intimidating and definitely not user friendly, but it is the fastest way of troubleshooting.