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I heard about IPcop. It can be classified as hardware-based firewall, right? Anyway, we have an old P3 and I equipped it with 2 LAN cards. I was able to run IPcop but I wasn't able to connect to the net, so I shelved the project for the moment. You guys using IPcop? Is it worth the additional hardware and maintenance cost (like electricity)? I'm trying to protect a network of 60 computers.


Joined: 2006-03-28
Well, you don't actually

Well, you don't actually need IPCop for this. You can do also do this with any other distro.
Maybe IPCop brings some nice interface for setup the firewall and other services, but setting up a firewall can also be done on the shell, with IPTables.
A nice GUI can be easier to handle, but not necessarily. And sometimes it lacks some functions that might be useful.
But I guess IPCop might be a pretty good thing for that, since it's not just some new distro trying to implement a firewall. And so far I didn't hear bad things about it.

Another distro that might be interesting as firewall might be EnGarde Secure Linux. I've had a quick look into it yesterday and it looks really good.

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I also used smoothwall and

I also used smoothwall and ws nice.. though you can do anything with it regarding firewall but its easy !

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