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??? is to lsof as top is to ps: what is ???

Something is accessing my harddisk every few seconds, even when I'm just staring at an empty xfce desktop. I've always had that, but now I have a noisier disk it has become a little more annoying.

I've made /tmp a tmpfs (ramdisk), and made /var/tmp a symlink to that /tmp, set noatime on / and /home, I have plenty free memory, and STILL it makes noise every few seconds. If only I knew what process was doing that...

So, does anyone know a tool that can show me what is accessing the disk at any moment, similar to how top can be used to see what process is using the cpu? Or does anyone have any other ideas for preventing use of the disk (except doing everything in ramdisk and other methods that have a high risk of data loss)?

I'd like to know that too

I'd like to know that too actually.. My disk can be heard too, but I just got used to it. I didn't really pay much attention to what and when is accessing it unless it really inhibits performance in a way that I can feel it.

The package

The package laptop-mode-tools contains a utility named lm-profiler. This will tell you what is accessing the disk.

I don't know how it works - perhaps it will not find everything if you mount your filesystem with the noatime option.

Interesting tool. Looks

Interesting tool. Looks like I already had that package installed. Gonna check it out, thanks. Smiling

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