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JMicron issues with Core 2 Duo boards

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Fishing for a new motherboard I have pretty much narrowed my choice to something like MSI P965 Platinum because it scores quite well in most reviews and is yet well priced (though I'll probably have to shop from an online foreign store to get a better deal than in Croatia).

Just like many other Core 2 Duo motherboards with a P965 chipset (which is well prepared for C2D processors), it doesn't have native chipset support for PATA drives (the old standard hard disks, DVD players etc.). In order to get around this these boards feature a so called JMicron controller chip onboard with one IDE PATA slot meaning that you can still use up to two old PATA drives on it (master and slave). I intend to use my HD as master and CD burner as slave.

However I've been reading that many distributions had some issues supporting this JMicron controller properly and it required adding special boot kernel options as well as loading different modules than loaded by default for it (at least in Ubuntu), so things are still quite rough.

I don't have the intention of buying a new SATA (natively supported) HD and burner right now. It's too expensive, so it'll have to wait so these must work.

I'm wondering if anyone has a C2D compatible board and did you try using old PATA drives with it and did you have any problems (if yes, which distro and how did you resolve it)?