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KDE4 slowing down as it's used

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A while ago I finally switched to KDE4 as my main desktop environment because it finally seemed stable enough and was for long attracted to the integration and features available in KDE, not to mention it tends to look less dull than GNOME.

And I've been through a bit of cynical mood as far as computing goes which partly helped me stick with KDE even with a few issues popping up here and there. I basically gave up searching for perfection since apparently no such thing exists nowadays in the whole software industry (I even tried Vista and Mac OS X btw).

But one issue I'm having with KDE is really testing my patience.. after a while of use (not necessarily a long while, few hours may be enough), KDE becomes inexplicably sluggish to the point where just typing either in firefox or in kate or probably just about anywhere else begins to feel like dragging weights across the desktop. As I type letters appear with delay.

Aside from that similar sluggishness happens when I do such things as resizing windows or just moving a sidebar in kate left and right. It's not smooth at all, but again feels like playing a 3D game at less than 10 frames per second.

This also seems to happen regardless of whether I have desktop effects turned on or off, and since I can only use free drivers on it (since Ubuntu Jaunty) the drivers are basically incomplete and unstable so even when I have my desktop effects on, all actual effects are turned off and only transparency remains. If I didn't do that the desktop would freeze completely on certain occasions, requiring hard reboot.

Anyone had these kinds of slow down issues using KDE4? Any ideas what could be causing it?


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I'm not surprised by the

I'm not surprised by the slowdown. A few years ago I was using KDE (Mandriva 2006 & 2008, PCLinux 2007) and found the
machine will slow down thru the day and sometime I reboot in the middle of the day to speed things back up. This is for KDE 3.x,
not for KDE 4.x. But you may be having the same slowdown I experienced. Sorry, I never figured out how to speed it up - just
ended rebooting (until I used #! [Crunchbang]). I was suspicious on whether firefox is eating up the memory, so you might want
to track that (memory usage) if you are using it.


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Joined: 2006-05-04
I doubt it's firefox'

I doubt it's firefox' memory usage or else it would be happening in GNOME too.. One thing that comes to mind as a possible cause is that KDE guys tend to be a little purist when it comes to code and thus don't like implementing workarounds that GNOME people would implement.. but this is pure speculation and guessing on my part, just a thought.

I thought of it mostly because when I said in #kubuntu IRC channel on freenode that desktop effects cause freezes for me which don't happen with compiz on GNOME, he said it's an issue with the 3D driver (which it is), but compiz just implements some "ugly workarounds" that KDE devs aren't willing to do. That's a respectable position.. They're not obliged to work around the bugs of software they didn't write, but as things stand.. we do get issues..

I guess I'm either gonna have to put up with it or go back to GNOME or try something else again, like Xfce maybe or openbox with some custom panels..

Thanks for the input.

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I can't confirm that KDE4

I can't confirm that KDE4 slows down. I sometimes run it for more than a day (like when I run several compiles of EasyLFS in a row) and I'd say even then it still feels pretty fine.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
It might really all depend

It might really all depend on the graphics system used and level/quality of support it has in Xorg, I suppose.. What kind of graphics card do you have?

Joined: 2006-03-28
My PC has a ATI Radeon HD

My PC has a ATI Radeon HD 4670, but as I'm using the RadeonHD-driver I have no 3D-acceleration yet.
My notebook has a Intel 945, which has 3D-acceleration, but not it's not like it'd be a gaming-card.

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