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Lag on UMTS or HSDPA connections?

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Joined: 2006-05-04

As some may know I moved to a new flat (not new as in shiny new, it's old and just "ok") and now I'm waiting for T-Com to call me before they can install a phone line (on my name so I can carry it wherever I would move in the future) with ADSL. The trouble is, I have to wait and the waiting could go as far as 27 days from now which is making me a bit nervous as this connection I am using now (EDGE) has to be paid for as well and it's slow and crappy and the more I use it the greater the chance I'll spend more traffic than included in a tariff I'm using (it's pay per MB then, and even just surfing tends to spend at least few megs a day).

But there's one quick way out, the so called "homebox" thingy which provides a phone service (which I don't need) and most importantly 1Mbit (and more) internet over UMTS or HSDPA which are basically mobile internet standards more advanced and much faster than GPRS/EDGE. Now, I know EDGE has a bad lag, not good enough to be in Second Life for example.

I'm wondering if UMTS or HSDPA is different? Has anyone used it or had anyone else use it, perhaps on laptops (like with those mobile connect cards from Vodafone or T-Mobile or something)?

Also if you can say something about overall connection stability and real life speeds of those things I'd appreciate that. I'm asking because I don't want to end up getting that and still suffer the same lag issues and connection instability like I did back home (where I've lived previously). I guess the safest bet is still ADSL...