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Latest news: Project management, Planet website

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Joined: 2006-07-13

Hello everyone,

This forum has been silent lately but it should not be assumed that nothing is happening behind the website.

- First I have started to use the project manager (streber) efficiently. It is interesting to work this way. Thanks kuan for all the efforts!
The list of projects (succint for now but will grow quickly) can be accessed by typing and logging in with "curious" as both username and password.
If anyone wants to have an account on the project manager, even just to see how things are going and only make an occasional remark, please contact me directly and I'll gladly make additional accounts.

- Second, the planet website construction has begun. The website is not accessible to all at the moment (it is empty and essentially non-functional) but I am working on it. Drupal is up and running smoothly, and I start to have a grip over what is happening with it (it's such a different way to build websites, I have to get used to it).
I am a little afraid of being submerged by the capabilities of the thing. One could work full time on building a community, but I can only afford a small amount of time. It is somewhat dangerous to spend more time coding up the ultimate community website, than effectively doing the advocacy work. In advance, I have to say that the Planet will probably not be as efficient and smooth as Libervis or even Nuxified. One thing at the time :-)
You can give a peek into the planet by logging in with the same username/password as above. There isn't much to see yet so don't be too disappointed.

- Finally I have a clearer vision of the future of the GGL project. I am now certain that it is going to become a non-profit association (probably named "Fondation GetGNULinux") based in France. I am having difficulty writing up precisely the objectives and methods of the association but am getting there. Note that it is not excluded that members could work for the association. Certainly profit-generating activities can be envisaged towards end of February if all goes well. Subsidary projects are not excluded either: for example I am seriously thinking about tackling the French education system more directly (since I am working in it).

Various things aside:
- The French translation has taken off (it had a "lag" behind in terms of visits) and has generated a wealth of comments, this is encouraging. As usual now (strange to use such words) the majority of the first visitors are GNU/Linux or computing enthusiasts, so not our favourite audience, but they are instrumental in spreading the word so that slowly the percentage of newcomers will increase.
- I have discovered two French communities living around free software: APRIL (very much FSF-like) and Framasoft (a listing of free applications) and there are probably others. It could be interesting to partner more with these communities for the French translation. I thought it could be a good idea for translations in other languages if translators propose it. (Just a thought).
- I foresee long mostly off-line times for myself (29/12 to 08/01) but I do all I can. The good organisation of the pm, the set-up of the planet website and the construction of the association, are the three priorities. Because of this the website doesn't change much, but I work every hour I can and lose no motivation. :-)