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Lindependence Day 2008

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Have you seen this blog post about Lindependence Day 2008?

They will attempt to hold a big event, or a number events in a particular US town at July 4th this year which would contain an installfest, media shows etc. with the purpose of promoting freedom from Microsoft and it's restrictions. Seems like an interesting project.

I might write a blog entry with some details (I'm in contact with Ken Starks) to support this. In fact, it could be an interview.

What do you think? Do you have anything you wonder about this project? Something I could ask Ken about? Also, from what I am hearing, part of the intent is to give example to people in other parts of the world, in other cities, to try and do something similar in their localities and on their special days.


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I have much to say in

I have much to say in relation to this event in general (not necessarily just on these forums). In particular, I jotted down a bunch of ideas related to the Gamefest which I'll post a little later on.

I can't think of anything to ask Ken right now. He is affiliated with a bunch of websites and blogs which provide interesting read (look up lobby4linux, for example). Anyone interested in getting tips and ideas about Linux advocacy (while making money doing it) should definitely keep up with this guy. He is not a "pro". What he is is like most other normal Linux users except perhaps a "little" more enthusiastic and driven to get the word out than most.

See also

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Yep I am aware of Ken's

Yep I am aware of Ken's involvements including Cool stuff.

I am officially doing an interview so please if anyone has any questions to ask regarding this project please submit them here and I will relay them to Ken.

Thank you

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I resisted mentioning this

I resisted mentioning this before, but might as well ask it.

If we can get a large portion of a whole town to go 100% Linux, that would be awsome.

If we can't, or if the risk is to alienate people ("way way too difficult"), then a better goal might be to get as close to 100% of the town to have easy access to Linux.

It is likely counter-productive to do anything that makes people resent Linux. If we make it an either or proposition and they are used to Windows, some may find Linux lacking and not worth it over Windows. Some of these will think of the decision as either or and dump Linux or not pay attention to it.

Better is to get Linux within easy reach and then work over time to continue to improve the value proposition on Linux, ie, increase the magnetic draw power of Linux. Under this strategy, Linux should be seen as all gain and no loss. Ie, have *another* cake and eat it.

Can you turn this into "a question" for me? ..or incorporate it into the interview somehow. I am not so much looking to get Ken's immediate views as much as to work with Ken to try and find what strategy will work the best for Felton in particular or for some other town in general. Not all towns have the same needs or are in the same boat, so I'd need more insight into Felton specifically before I had any sort of "recommendation" on the matter.


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I tried to incorporate your

I tried to incorporate your observation into a question, basically regarding that "either or" proposition since they do talk about getting people "Microsoft free" which implies no dual boot with Windows.

I also asked how they see this project impacting GNU/Linux and Freedomware adoption in the long term.

Questions submitted. Thanks to you Jose, kdean06 and WaterSoul for contributions.

It may still not be late for others to ask their questions though. I can relay them to Ken and Larry.

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At this point, Jose, I

At this point, Jose, I don't think you can alienate anyone from GNU/Linux because it's not longer "too hard" -- if you can use a computer, you can use at least four or five of the larger distros.

Also, don't make the misconception that we're just descending on a town and trying to convert them. I live in the area, I'm part of the community where I'm doing this conversion, I work in Felton and people know me here as "that Linux guy." I don't think it would work if people just "carpetbag" into a town trying to convert people -- for this project to work, it has to be done by people who live in the town that is being persuaded, rather than just having people swooping in to "convert" them.

Larry Cafiero
HeliOS Solutions West
6116 Highway 9, Suite 4B
Felton, California 95018


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I understand what you said.

I understand. I figured you might have a handle on the situation (it's a small town, and you are known there) but wasn't sure.

As for GNU/Linux being easy enough, I don't think everyone would find that they can move there and leave their concerns behind. I constantly hear of people that keep their Windows around for X or Y reason. Thus if this group was made up of many that were completely new to Linux, there might be a healthy number that would not want to put Windows to the side for even 1 day, much less 1 week/month.