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Linux Newbie2

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Joined: 2006-11-20

EDIT: I cleaned up the crossovers. thanks.


I am looking for advice on software for my laptop. Ideally, I have a couple problems i want to solve but i am unsure where to begin.

What kinds of open source CAD programs can i use? I am looking to do 3-d drawing and designs. What are the pros/cons of using each?

Can you recommend a journal/notebook app?

I am looking for software that is easy and quick to use to do my tasks.



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Joined: 2006-05-04
It doesn't look like it was

It doesn't look like it was needed to post here as well as you're asking much of the similar questions. If you feel that another forum is more appropriate for your topic I can move your first topic there. Double posting just makes things messy. Eye

Maybe it's best to continue on your original topic. You wont get any less attention with one topic than with two similar ones. Smiling

Btw, welcome to Nuxified.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Thanks for updating your

Thanks for updating your post. Btw, you could use more descriptive titles too. Smiling I also moved your topic to "software support" since you're mainly asking for software you need.

I don't mean to sound imposing or anything, it's just good to keep things clean.

Now about your questions, I've never used any CAD programs on GNU/Linux, but here are some useful links I gathered from this old thread:

So you could check that out.

About a notepad program there are various options. I personally like a lightweight leafpad, but if you want something more powerful another option I can think of right now is tomboy which is included with GNOME 2.16. Tomboy is a wiki like desktop notepad and is therefore very flexible. It can lay in your tray in the background and be easily accessible whenever you need it. Cool stuff. Smiling

Joined: 2006-11-20
Thank you for the cad links and notepad wares

I agree. I happen to read the rules after that post. And i dont like reposting. So thanks. It wasnt imposing, just keeping things clean. BTW you should check out cad wares they are a very practical app.

Those are some great links. I familiar with some of them. NICE.

Joined: 2006-11-20
distro hardware compatability site

i wanted to know if there was any site where i can search distros by hardware configurations/compatibility? if not, its a good idea to do.

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Hey, welcome

Hey, welcome fr0zenmon I sadly do not have time to reveiew the question as I am currently on in a net cafe! I am sure the other guys can help out though.
Just thought I would say hey!

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fr0zenmon wrote:

i wanted to know if there was any site where i can search distros by hardware configurations/compatibility? if not, its a good idea to do.

I don't know of such a site. I've never personally needed such a site (I've just burnt disks and tested), but it does sound as if it could be usful for some, so PolishLinux people, maybe having a page on this would be interesting?


Joined: 2006-11-20
Bookkeeping stock software question

thanks AndrewB, dylunio, and libervisco.

I am looking for bookkeeping and stock portfolio mgmt software. Any suggestions?

I also want to write a bookkeeping program. What would be the easiest and quick way to do this?
I want to start simple and add functionality as my needs grow.


Joined: 2006-06-19
For any softwares, there

For any softwares, there are alot of repositories. Freshmeat and sourceforge
are the big ones although I had found stuffs in kde app. Also, you're welcome
to look at my webpage,
-> softwares
-> Stock Ticker

Also for bookkeeping, I have

Software repositories: (KDE) (KDE) (GNOME) (rpm & deb files) (DockApp Warehouse) (Autopackage) (Linux Software) (tucows) (FSF/UNESCO Free Software Directory) (


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