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List of mobile devices running Freedomware

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Hi. Smiling

Let's make this mobile forum worth something. I am going to redo turning it into a resource site rather than a blog/news site as was initially planned. It is to feature an overview of mobile devices such as phones (or smartphones), UMPCs (Ultra Mobile PCs and mini laptops like Eee PC and OLPC) and even portable music players which run mostly Freedomware.

The actual conditions a device must meet to be included are the following:

  • An operating system it runs by default must be Freedomware (most devices will probably have GNU/Linux variant of some sort)
  • You should be able and allowed to replace an existing OS with another one without losing basic of functionality
  • You should be able to remove or install software on it
  • If the above doesn't already cover it; NO DRM! So copying multimedia stuff to and from must be unencumbered

The truth is, there are no devices in existence which are 100% free as in freedom. At the very least there is non-free firmware. However, this is about getting as close to free as possible. At least a device without DRM, with a free OS and ability to install software on it puts you in far more control over it than something locked down (like an iPhone?).

Please if you can think of any device which you believe fits the above conditions bring it up.

Some I already know about are OpenMoko's Neo Freerunner, ASUS Eee PC (700, 900 and 901) and devices listed here, though I'm not yet sure all of them meet the above conditions.

Thank you for your help. Smiling