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Looking To VPN into Your Office?

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Joined: 2006-02-17

Are you looking to VPN into your office? If so, I have built a GTK2+ GUI (Gnome GUI) for Linux using Glade, Python, and PyGTK. I've actually had it for awhile but never had a great place to host it until Google Projects opened up. The project is called 'gvpnc'. Get your copy here:

Now that I know how to build standalone XUL applications, if you were to ask me to improve this, I would probably be writing it in that way because it's simple and easier. I just may end up doing that some day.

Hopefully this will help all you new Nuxified users out there who happen to want to VPN into the office from your version of Linux but were either to afraid to do so or are tired of doing it in the command-line way.

Joined: 2007-04-14
Thanks alot mate, I'm sure

Thanks alot mate, I'm sure this will help out some of the members here but I don't have an Office, only two computers are in my home...but that doesn't mean I won't tinker with it.

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