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Merry Christmas and Happy New 2008

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Is it obligatory to say this? Noooo! It's fun and it's genuine! I wish you all a Merry Christmas and all best in the bound to be exciting new year 2008! Smiling

And I mean it too! I wrote an "official" christmas letter to the community on behalf of Libervis Network, a network of people and projects that powers sites like and and projects like Freedomware Gamefest! Here is it:


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Merry Christmas and a Happy

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All Smiling

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christmas spirit <3

I love christmas spirit. I took my laptop and headed to the mall today and just walked around. Well, of course, I had some gift shopping, but I sat in the cafeteria. It's as if people find the only opportunity to be open and happy on Christmas.

Fine by me. I'd rather savor one in 365 than get sick of it from day-to-day life.

Merry all! (lol, I'd say Christmas, but in a way, that's still reference to christ in whom I don't care for)

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Where for New Year's Eve?

Since I just don't know myself, I am curious.. how are you gonna spend your New Years Eve?

Personally, I currently feel nothing really cuts it... Gonna go to a party (plenty of them around and I actually can afford it) I'd end up going alone and again taking a risk of not adoring the music as much yet still paying with a hangover. :S If I go to the main city square, I'll definitely dislike the music and I'll keep having that annoying "dodge the firecracks" instinct.. Just go to a bar? With whom? If I'm gonna go to a bar I might as well go to a club. Sticking out tongue And to stay at home? Then I'd be alone for sure.. and the only good thing that I may have from it is being online all the time, hooked to various channels and talking with people waiting for new year all over the world.. at least those staying home like me.. plus I might be lucky enough to see some nice fireworks from Zagreb from the balcony.

Blah.. and yet I feel I wanna do something crazy which I never done before... but I've no idea what. I feel kinda locked or trapped..
Libervis Network FTW! But I have to get my life back too...

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Merry Christmas and a happy

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you!

I spent the New Years Eve of 1996 (or was it 1997?) in a club, and it was great! It was the club I anyway went frequently, so I knew the type of music they play and I had my ticket quite early. I went there alone, since nobody else wanted to go. The club was quite full, but the atmosphere was just great. And at midnight there were a lot of kisses from the ladies... ;-)

New Years Eve 2004 (which was my first New Year here in HK) I went to a bar. Also alone, but that doesn't actually matter. Same as going to the club above. You get to know people and you just have a good time. Hey, I kissed girls from at least three countries that night!

What I miss here in HK about celebrating the new year is blowing up things; it's not legal. In Germany we always bought a lot of these fat crackers that make a lot of noise and had tons of fun. Often enough we still had so much that we gave away the rests when we went back home/inside.

Two of my friends once did something crazy for New Year. They went to some old factory and climbed up some chimney or something. Up there they had a great view of the fireworks they told me.

So, no matter if you go to a bar, a club, or any other crowded place, you won't have to celebrate alone. The spirit of celebration (and alcohol) unites people, and even if you don't know each other, for that one night you're all friends.
That also reminds me of my first Love Parade, in 1997. In his speech at the end of the parade Dr. Motte said we should all give the people around us a big, warm hug, no matter if we know them or not. That was also really cool, and everybody did that. It was about a million people hugging each other.

And if you wanna do something crazy, find an old factory with some high structure to climb up. But you shouldn't drink too much if you don't want to fall down... ;-)

That said, I'll stay at home this year. My wife is pregnant so all those crowded events aren't that good for her anyway, so we'll just stay at home and I'll have a beer or two or ten...

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Joined: 2006-05-04
Yeah.. I've been to one

Yeah.. I've been to one such party (though came after midnight so might've missed the good parts) last year for NYE, but it was a real trance party. This year they're not doing anything like it and closest it comes is techno and house. It's really pity Astralis people are sitting on their butts this year. They're the only remaining Trance institution around here (though increasingly playing Electro)..

But I'm thinking of going. Might be better than any other alternative, and as you say it doesn't really matter going alone with these kinds of happenings (it wouldn't actually be the first time I went alone anyway).


Oh and congratulations and Happy New Year! Smiling

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reptiler wrote: What I
reptiler wrote:

What I miss here in HK about celebrating the new year is blowing up things; it's not legal. In Germany we always bought a lot of these fat crackers that make a lot of noise and had tons of fun.

That pretty much sums up what I'm going to do... ;-)

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