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Migrating to Launchpad?

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I think that moving several components of GLM to Launchpad, would come in handy for the whole GLM community: We'd have less technical stuff to worry about and more tools to take advance of.

GLM componets I suggest to move to Launchpad:

Launchpad's tools we should take advance of:

  • Answers: This wouldn't replace our NXFD forum. This forum has always provided us with wise advices, so I obviously wouldn't suggest to get rid of it. However, I think that we might split up the contact means: Use NXFD for philosophical and "Requests for comments" on our decisions, while using Launchpad's answers for technical, planning and other stuff.
  • Bugs: Vere, very, very useful.

Further information:

What do you think?


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I have used Launchpad's

I have used Launchpad's Rosetta for translation, indeed it is a nice interface,though there are freely available Free Software alternatives Kartouche which you could host yourself. Do you trust Canonical with your translation mechanism? Personally I do not, but this is just my opinion.

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