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migrating to Linux from Windows

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Hi . I want to ditch windows XP as i am sick of microsoft .So ive been thinking about linux and now i have decided thats the o/s i want so ive ordered the Cd.
Now here is where i start to think ooh am i going to be able to do it ok as im not that up on pc's and how they run . My knowledge is literally up / downloading programs .
If i install in on a clean but not new hard drive will the way i start up and log on to the internet be the same after ive installed the neccessary programs?
What happens to all my photos and music . do i have to burn them onto a disk then download again after ?
Can i install it on my original harddrive then totally erase windows ?
Can i totally bugger up my pc so it wont work ever again
Please forgive my ignorance , im very willing and capable of learning ,but would really appreciate someone in the back ground that can guide me some of the way .
Thanking anyone in advance for any help they may offer ,


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When you've installed

When you've installed GNU/Linux on a separate hard drive (as you seam to be planning), you will be able to chose whether to start Windows or GNU/Linux when you boot up your computer. I don't know how you connect to the internet, but it is very unlikely that you won't be able to do that with a modern GNU/Linux distribution (by the way: which distro did you order ? Ubuntu ?). If you're lucky, everything will just work, otherwise you'll still have Windows to ask for help here (or, if you state precise questions, you can of course ask something beforehand so that we can give you tips)
You should easily be able to access your Windows hard drive from GNU/Linux, enabling you to copy stuff over. When you really want to remove Windows, you can convert the hard drive to a Linux format so that you can write to it efficiently from GNU/Linux. It's also possible to move Linux over from one disk to the other or to set it up so that the fact that there are two disks is invisible, but that requires some or loads of experience and work, respectively.

hai friend

actually, you will install linux only in the different or unknown partition space in your hard disk, so you willnot lose any files in windows, then in booting the system you wil have 2 options to select Linux or Windows, select any one you want and start your work

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