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Mobile/Cell Phone

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Joined: 2005-12-18

With the launch of the new Libervis site mobiliberty it got be thinking about what type/kind/model of phone you guys are currently using?

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Joined: 2005-12-18
Ok to start off I recently

Ok to start off I recently got a Sony Ericsson V600i, which I got off ebay for cheap.
It isn't the top of technology but it is good enough.

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Joined: 2006-05-04
This kind of thread would

This kind of thread would fit well to the new forums that are to be set up on The poll about that is still on.

Anyway, Just before new year last December I got SonyEricsson K310i on a nice promotional discount and a good deal. I get 300 free SMS messages each month and extra 20 HRK if I buy 35 HRK credit each month (which ends up paying 35, but actually getting 55). I barely use even a bit of the credit and SMS messages I have so I borrow to my sisters. Smiling

It's a cool looking, pretty nice mobile phone. Of course, the disadvantage is that it is just the usual proprietary phone with non-standard plugs and proprietary software on it, which is why I'll be getting Neo1973 by the end of the year.

I recently bought an IR receiver to be able to transfer photos and videos from it to my computer, but didn't get it to work on GNU/Linux so far.

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Joined: 2005-12-21
Nokia 8210. It's ancient,

Nokia 8210. It's ancient, but it's small and user friendly. It's beginning to have some quirks (sometimes it doesn't do anything when someone calls me, when it should be ringing and shaking), but that's okay since I use it only to call other people to tell them I'm late. It's switched off most of the time. I hope it will continue working for a few more years.

Joined: 2007-03-19
I own a w810i Sony

I own a w810i Sony Ericsson. I love it because I can put all my music on it, and you can increase the memory space when you use a sony memory stick. It also has a fantastic camera! I highly recommend it!

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Joined: 2006-03-08
My Nokia

My Nokia I-don't-know-the-model-name is quite versatile: it can be used as a telephone and an SMS telegraph, wrapped up with an actual colour display and polyphone ring tones.

To tell you the truth, I barely use it and those two features are really all I expect from a mobile.

Joined: 2007-04-14
Right now I have a Motorola

Right now I have a Motorola L6 although with a little more patience I could have had the much better Motorola L7 but hey...I love the L6...all it's missing is the memory card...the L6 and L7 are so slim.

Joined: 2006-03-28
Before I had a Smartphone,

Before I had a Smartphone, that XDA1. Pretty cool, just too bad it runs on Windows, though that makes it a cool device for some software and games, I even have NetHack for it. ;-)
Well, just this week I replaced it with a "new" phone, an 2 year old LG model, the B2000, running on Java, which is in terms of freeness an improvement I think.
I was actually looking for that Motorola (I guess it was Motorola, gotta check that Linux-magazine) that runs Linux, but couldn't find it. Anyway, I think it would still have been over by budget since it's just about half year old or so.
And since I replaced my old phone I'm now thinking to have a look on installing Linux on it. It has a StrongARM cpu, which is supported by Linux, and there are already projects aiming to install Linux on that device.

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