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Mono Moonlight

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I am pretty much just a curious outsider to some development technologies, but I remain curious enough to sometimes read about it and discuss it...

Well.. I've recently read about Silverlight, Microsoft's plug-in for their .NET platform which is among the new technologies for building so called "rich interactive applications". These are basically like the "good" old Flash, but sometimes better in that it may not require an extra browser plug-in to run, especially as heavy as Flash. AJAX, CSS and related stuff can already do a lot of what was once usually done only through flash. I've seen some sites which are really flashy and yet it didn't contain any Flash on it. I guess that Silverlight, among some others (the magazine mentiones Flex, Apollo, OpenLaszlo and JavaFX) is one such technology.

Anyway, all of this probably wouldn't be Nuxified-worthy if it weren't for the Mono project, which is a Free Software implementation of .NET for GNU/Linux. They've quickly developed a Mono version of Silverlight, called Moonlight. They have an interesting video screencast of it. What it can do looks quite interesting. Since this is actually a web development technology I believe all of what was shown in that video can be done within a browser. Imagine web sites that use some of that functionality, and not need Adobe Flash to run. Smiling

So.. I guess I'm interested in what you guys think about this, from mono as a clone of something that comes from Microsoft in general to moonlight specifically.


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it looks to me like a

it looks to me like a plugin. "cross-browser" probably means Internet Explorer 7, Firefox2 on Windows, Safari on Windows. (if you look at the mono moonlight page, there are multiple uses of the work "plugin" and some diagrams suggesting this. If you go to a silverlight demo provided by MS in IceWeasel (for example), you see a "Get Silverlight" button)

This has nothing to do with the web, except that it hides behind a web browser (and Firefox too! Wow, are MS portable !) It is a pathetic attempt to create a quasi-monopolized market and I appreciate Mono combating this, but I hope that moonlight will not seriously be used since it isn't much better in terms of portability: it will probably only work with Mozilla browsers on modern Unices, probably only ones running X11 (contrary to Cocoa/Aqua, for instance)

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